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trending supplements 2018

Anticipating the Future: Trending Supplements 2018

Supplement market trends change and evolve, just as trends do in every industry. However, the vitamin and supplement space has seen more dynamic growth lately than many other sectors. Nutraceuticals have enjoyed a big a surge in popularity, and public consciousness related to all facets of health has risen dramatically. Custom products have always been a strong investment but some experts suggest this growth is due to the rise of private label suplements.

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This awakening is causing adults of all ages to be more proactive than ever about their health. Many are turning to vitamins and supplements as a vital part of enhancing their focus, energy levels and performance as well as overall health and well being.

A $300 Billion Market By 2020

In fact, the market for these products is set to reach $300 billion by the year 2022, up from $100 billion in 2017, according to Global Industry Analysts. In this way, one of the top supplement market trends for 2018 will be tremendous growth in use and awareness of the benefits of these products. Vitamin and supplement companies will be more in demand than ever before.

However, more specific trends within the industry will help to define how it evolves. If you’re already offering vitamins, supplements within your product line (or are considering starting), here are the top supplement market trends to look at when deciding what to offer:

1. CoQ10 Supplements

The rise in popularity of CoQ10  was a major phenomenon this past years. This supplement can enhance focus, concentration, memory, metabolism and other internal processes. These performance-enhancing compounds are set to make even more of an impact in the near future.

2. BHB Supplements

BHB is also expected to make even more of an impact on keto dieters as we head into 2018. By taking advantage of Beta-Hydroxybutyrate supplements, you’ll be able to get into a state of ketosis much quicker and your body will have no choice but to start using your fat as fuel. With 4 different flavor options you will surely find a flavor to fit your desired target market!

3. Vegetarian Friendly Options

People have become more discerning than ever about their food and overall diet choices. Now this consciousness will be extending into their vitamin and supplement choices. Many vegetarians struggle to find quality products
No longer will consumers be willing to accept products containing non-natural substances or “mystery ingredients.” They will be increasingly demanding vegetarian and vegan options.

4. More Energy Naturally: Smooth Energy

One of the top reasons people state for taking a supplement is some form of the response “to have more energy.” In the recent past, they reached for sugary, caffeine-based energy drinks, “shots” and pills. However, growing public awareness about the need to raise energy safely and without side effects will be fueling a different approach.

Vitamins, supplements and nutraceuticals without harsh side effects and that “caffeine crash” will be in higher demand going forward. Our Stock Smooth Energy is formulated with the brand and consumer in mind with very marketable ingredients and a formula that is effective.

5. Brain Health and Cognitive Support

In line with the nutraceuticals trend, movements toward better brain health and cognitive functioning will continue. Many people are still in the workforce beyond traditional retirement age, increasing their desire and need for better cognitive functioning even into the later years.

Many of these vitamins and supplements show promise for helping to prevent cognitive issues and mood disorders including dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, depression and general memory problems.

6. The Health Benefits of Turmeric 

The surge toward natural cures and supplements will lead to increased interest in the benefits of turmeric.  Ayurvedic medicine has hit mainstream nutrition  Expect turmeric to be applied in an even more focused way to athletic recovery and inflammation issues as well.

7. An Expansion in the Role of Omega 3s

Omega 3s have enjoyed a surge in interest in the past decade. Many people are already enjoying their benefits to brain health, immune system health and overall functioning. Look for interest in this powerful supplement to develop beyond just fish oil and flax seed oil as options for consumption.

There will be increased interest in plant-based forms of omega 3s as well as alternative delivery methods. Research into the effects of omega 3s in muscle development will be explored, as well as their role in eye health. Expect continued research into the nuances of omega 3s and brain health as well.

8. Calming Formulas

Consumers will also be looking for healthy ways to combat the stresses of daily life – and adaptogens are set to fill this role. Adaptogens refer to plants and compounds that offer support for both physical and emotional well being. Some examples of adaptogens include rhodiola roseaashwagandharhodiola rosea and schisandra chinensis.

The general public is more aware of the importance of health and wellness than ever before, and they are taking steps to empower themselves in all areas. Adults of every age will be looking for vitamins, supplements and nutraceuticals to meet their health and wellness needs at all phases of life. If you are ready to hit the ground running with a reliable and reputable



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