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Benefits of Blister Cards and Smaller Packaging

The Benefits of Blister Cards and Smaller Packaging

One of the key benefits of blister cards is the marketing versatility it gives you. A 15 count blister card is ideal for a promotional giveaway. The outer packaging is fully customizable and keeps the product fresher, longer.

With a plastic front, these cards let the customer see the product before purchase. Doing so leaves no room for guessing the size of the product is. This packaging format is also optimal for shipment due to lack of movement while encased in the plastic.

We Are Supplement & Vitamin Packaging Experts

We know what stands out to customers and what doesn’t. Which packaging format works with which product. We specialize in this type of design. We cater to the needs of your brand by being flexible in the different count blister cards we offer.

Supplements We Offer In Blister Packs

Biotin 5,000mcg

Biotin 10,000mcg

Activated Charcoal

Organic Turmeric Complex

Stock No2 Booster

Stock Sleep Formula

Stock Premium Fat Burner

Turmeric Complex 1300mg

Stock Test Booster

Stock Smooth Energy

Stock Nootropic Focus Formula

Stock Joint Support Formula

Stock Thyroid Support Formula

Stock Calm Formula

Stock K2 + D3 +Bioperine ®

Multi Collagen + Bioperine Capsules

Non-Stimulant Lean Complex

Organic Ashwagandha + Bioperine

Organic Ceylon Cinnamon + Bioperine

Horny Goat Weed Extract with Maca & Tribulus

Tribulus 45% Saponins 750mg + Bioperine®

Organic ACV + Org. Prebiotics + Org. Cayenne + Org. Lemon + Bioperine®

Did You Know?

In 1949, in Canada, Peter Green created the first ever blister sealing machine for retail packaging.

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