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turmeric trending 2018

Why Turmeric is Trending and Will Continue to Do So in 2018

Turmeric is trending—and it’s trending heavily. Since July 2009, turmeric’s popularity has exploded. Between 2012 and 2016, alone, turmeric has experienced a phenomenal 300-percent growth rate increase. Due to the adaptability in a slew of supplement-world-favorite products, it’s become a staple supplement for white label herbal supplements. So, What’s the Big Deal with Turmeric? Turmeric, the collection...
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trending supplements 2018

Anticipating the Future: Trending Supplements 2018

Supplement market trends change and evolve, just as trends do in every industry. However, the vitamin and supplement space has seen more dynamic growth lately than many other sectors. Nutraceuticals have enjoyed a big a surge in popularity, and public consciousness related to all facets of health has risen dramatically. Custom products have always been a strong...
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How to get gmp certified

How to get a GMP Certificate

With the increasing number of new supplement manufacturers, the increasing demands for quality become even more apparent as competition stiffens in one of the fastest growing industries worldwide. And more companies mean that even more products flood the market, so logically this calls for tighter regulations and control that have to be implemented by none...
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importance of dshea

The Importance of the DSHEA

To say that the supplement industry is flourishing would be an understatement – it’s literally exploding with growth. The estimated number of Americans that currently take dietary supplements is estimated to be around 200 million and this number is set to rise even further. This massive surge in the recognition of supplements calls for certain...
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stocknutra private label supplements feat image

How StockNutra Simplifies Private Label Supplements

What Is & How Does It Work? is a subsidiary of the contract nutraceutical manufacturers ABH Pharma. When developing a supplement with us you can either go one of two routes. You can create your own custom formula or use one of our stock private label supplements. In an effort to separate the two we...
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turmeric powder manufacturer

Turmeric Powder Manufacturers – What You Need To Know

We at StockNutra take pride in bringing you one of the best Private Label Turmeric supplements available. We offer unprecedented quality because all of our products are manufactured in-house and stored internally. Prior to the beginning of the actual manufacturing procedures for our turmeric powder, there’s the growth process of the plant as it ensures...
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softgel manufacturing

Soft Gel Manufacturing: So That’s How They Fill Them! (Infographic)

Soft gel manufacturing isn’t an incredibly long, drawn-out process, but it’s certainly interesting. The manufacturing process of high-quality soft gel capsules uses sophisticated technology and the aid of highly-trained machine operators. Years ago, gelatin capsules used to be made from porcine and bovine skin and bones. Today, they can be made from a variety of materials, including...
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white label vs private label supplements

White Label Supplements Vs Private Label Supplements

Supplements can be supplied and marketed in several different ways. Two of the most popular choices among supplement retailers are white label supplements and private label supplements. Although these two types of products are similar, there are several key differences between them. To choose the right method for your business, you need to understand these...
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Private Label BHB Supplements – The Definitive Guide

Ketones were first introduced back in 2014 and they took the world by storm. In fact, anything that involves the word “keto” really took off and it now seems that every second is either doing a keto diet or taking keto/beta-hydroxybutyrate supplements. But it appears that the internet is full of conflicting information regarding a particular...
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fish oil manufacturing feat image

Proper Fish Oil Manufacturing Practices

Thanks to the many benefits of the omega-3s found in this substance, fish oil is one of the most popular supplements on the market. These benefits make it a lucrative investment for supplement companies of all sizes. Below is some basic information about fish oil, the fish oil manufacturing process, as well as tips to help you...
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