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The Rapid Growth of Wholesale Natural Supplements

In 2014, the wholesale natural supplement industry grew by 6.8 percent over the growth reported from 2013. That is not surprising as the growth trend for the industry has been positive for the last decade. [1] The gross sales for 2014 peaked just shy of $6.5 billion with actual sales of $6.4 billion. What that...
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Health Supplement Wholesalers – What to Know

Marketing is essential for the business success of health supplement wholesalers; however, there are some key considerations unique to the industry that must be followed. From FDA regulations to optimizing your exposure to target audiences, ideal marketing techniques are crucial to marketing and business success for health supplement wholesalers.  For example, as the One Health supplement...
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Why You Should Be Offering Private Label Weight Loss Supplements

The Health-Concscious Consumer Consumers are more health-conscious than ever before, and there has always been an interest in products that assist with weight loss and maintaining ideal weight. These two movements have combined in recent years as a drive toward consumers purchasing more weight loss supplements. For the insightful few that anticipated this trend shifting their...
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Nutraceutical Supplement Manufacturer

If the President follows through with his plans for the federal budget, many people claim that there will be a drastic decrease in regulations that affect the business processes of nutraceutical supplement manufacturers. The Future is Fewer Regulations Along with Trump’s proposed budget, massive budget cuts will also be imposed on the EPA, the Department...
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