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Bring Your Supplement Brand Up to Speed with Private Label Nootropics

If you are considering adding a nootropic supplement to your line then you are on the fringe of entering  a trending industry that is growing exponentially. That means plenty of opportunities to utilize private label nootropics from StockNutra even within niche markets!

The Size of Nootropics as an Industry

To help paint a vivid picture of the size of the opportunities within nootropics we turn to stats. In 2015, the market for nootropics grew by almost 50 percent over the size of the market in 2012. [1] By 2015, Nootropics had crested the $2.7 Billion mark and in 2014 the market experienced an 11 percent growth rate. In 2017, it is expected that Nootropics will crest the $3.3 billion mark if the industry’s growth remains at 11 percent. That prediction is very likely to come true as more people are turning to nootropics and for a variety of reasons. Thus, the potential of selling nootropic supplements in the present economy is outstanding! 

Our Stock Focus Formula is a Perfect Place to Start

At StockNutra, we offer solutions that help our customers address marketing obstacles, product delivery obstacles and we help you conform to FDA and GMP regulations. We have created a private label nootropic readily available for addition to your supplement line that is perfect for begginer brands entering this niche of health and wellness. It is our Stock Focus Formula and we are certain your brand’s consumers will love it!

private label nootropics

Best Delivery Format and Label Design for Nootropics

All of this opportunity means that competition within the industry is fierce. That means top sellers have to hit all the marks accurately and consistently. At StockNutra we offer a full range of delivery formats in our private label supplements but we feel capsules are the most effective when it comes to nootropics. 

  • Benefits of Powders – Dose is adjustable so your product expands to meet the needs of a variety of consumers. Also, delivery is more specific as most powdered nootropics are either added to food or prepared as a meal – protein shakes, etc. Absorption of powders is often faster than that of a tablet. 
  • Benefits of Capsules – Dosage is exact so the consumer receives the same amount of product each and every time they use it. Capsules are also easier to transport and fit into a busy day. There is very little preparation needed to consume a capsule in comparison to a powder. Capsules are most optimal regarding serving size!

We can assist you in creating a label that blends in with the host of other nootropic product both in terms of literature and when viewed from the shelf but stands out at the same time. The problem is that consumers must be able to find your product and when everything looks the same that process becomes difficult. When things look the same, it can drive consumers away from quality brands and straight to products that stand out from the crowd. People do not want to agonize over a decision about which product to choose. They want the selection process to be uncomplicated.

private label nootropics

That means that packaging needs to be visible, informative, and without gimmicks. It also means that other types of marketing must be present such as flyers or QR codes that lead tech-savvy consumers to informational landing pages that explain the product, its uses, and ingredients. This is a process that is difficult for many supplements brands but that can become much easier when you partner with a quality nootropic manufacturer. The reason being is that quality manufacturers have much of this information in place including label design options. Further, some also understand the intricacies of FDA regulations and can help you steer clear of governmental regulation disasters. 

Label Laws for Nootropic Supplements

Beyond selecting the perfect delivery format and professional label design, you must adhere to and comply with labeling laws. Nothing will chase away customers faster than an FDA warning letter to your company about its products. Quality nootropic manufacturers should have a system in place that helps supplement brands conform to the complicated and often fast-changing governmental regulations regarding supplement labeling.

For example, a nootropics manufacture that uses encapsulating equipment that is GMP certified removes many product quality issues over a manufacturer whose equipment does not meet GMP standards. Quality means:

  • Governmental compliance – including sterilization between product runs and safeguards that prevent product contamination. [2]
  • Product QA – Produces quality and uniform results with a system that removes subpar products.
  • The efficiency that allows product accuracy to remain in place while not affecting cost. This allows private label brands to remain competitive in pricing while still being able to offer more product selection to their consumer base.

Reach out to our knowledgable sales team with all of your nootropic questions – We have solutions!


Digging Deeper

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