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Category: Insider Knowledge

Anticipating the Future: Trending Supplements 2018

Supplement market trends change and evolve, just as trends do in every industry. However, the vitamin and supplement space has seen more dynamic growth lately than many other sectors. Nutraceuticals have enjoyed a big a surge in popularity, and public consciousness related to all facets of health has risen dramatically. Custom products have always been a strong...
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How to get a GMP Certificate

With the increasing number of new supplement manufacturers, the increasing demands for quality become even more apparent as competition stiffens in one of the fastest growing industries worldwide. And more companies mean that even more products flood the market, so logically this calls for tighter regulations and control that have to be implemented by none...
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The Importance of the DSHEA

To say that the supplement industry is flourishing would be an understatement – it’s literally exploding with growth. The estimated number of Americans that currently take dietary supplements is estimated to be around 200 million and this number is set to rise even further. This massive surge in the recognition of supplements calls for certain...
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Soft Gel Manufacturing: So That’s How They Fill Them! (Infographic)

Soft gel manufacturing isn’t an incredibly long, drawn-out process, but it’s certainly interesting. The manufacturing process of high-quality soft gel capsules uses sophisticated technology and the aid of highly-trained machine operators. Years ago, gelatin capsules used to be made from porcine and bovine skin and bones. Today, they can be made from a variety of materials, including...
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Best Weight Loss Supplements for Women

Weight loss or maintaining a constant level of weight is a burning issue that tends to haunt many if not most women. Catering to that demand, the supplement market is flooded with opportunity for  weight loss supplements specifically formulated and targeted for women. If you are an existing supplement brand or are looking to start a...
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Private Label Supplement Options for Blood Pressure Supplements

Traditionally, managing high blood pressure is done with prescription drugs and dietary changes. But it is quite possible to get remarkable results by ingesting supplements to lower blood pressure with the right ingredients. Supplements such as Omega- 3 fatty acids, Magnesium, Calcium and Vitamin D can all help to lower blood pressure levels when taken...
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Is Dropshipping Profitable in 2018?

Dropshipping is a popular ecommerce business model that can be profitable for supplement companies if it is used properly. Below is some basic information about dropshipping, how it works, and how you can make it a profitable model for your company. What Is Dropshipping? Dropshipping is a unique business model in which an online retailer lists products it does not keep in...
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White Label Supplements: Opportunities In Herbal Increasing

While some are loyal to their national brands for almost everything, others are picking a new path, especially when it comes to the supplements they take. Specific store brands of white label supplements are gaining popularity with consumers, and businesses that choose to distribute these supplements have some important decisions to make on who they choose as...
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Private Label MCT Oil: Rejuvenating Coconut Oil Market

Medium Chain Triglycerides have been around for a while, but have been buried for a long while under the avalanche publicity over bad fats. This because MCT is one of the many saturated fatty acids and the press has gone overboard in telling us that saturated fats are bad. For many people, saturated fats are bad, but...
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Private Label Supplements Marketable for Tendonitis Sufferers

Creating a supplement to assist in the easing of tendonitis sufferers could prove to be lucrative for your brand. They are marketable to the thousands of active people that experience pain in their tendons. Tendons are the tissues which are responsible for connecting muscles to bones. If these are put under undue stress or are overused,...
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