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nutraceuticals vs big pharma

Contract Nutraceutical Corporation VS Big Pharma

Contract nutraceutical and pharmaceutical corporations are the key players in meeting the demand of consumers who want health care products and supplements. Some supplement manufacturers like StockNutra provide premium private label nutraceuticals for those looking to step into the with big pharma. 

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Even so, nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticlas face big changes within their market, and many of those changes are driven by the consumer.

Big pharmaceutical companies have more control over the market due to their company size and production rates but these smaller non national brands have already stepped up their production to match their large competitors.

In many industries, consumer input is an important byproduct of product design and this industry is no different.

Nutraceutical product manufacturers face many challenges and one of those in the interconnectivity of consumers.

With nutraceuticals contract manufacturing, the focus has always been on the drug, its abilities, and side effects. Consumers, however, are looking beyond their prescriptions and towards bigger issues. 

No longer is “good” good enough. Consumers want the best, and by that, they mean the best product that fits their needs or lifestyle. Can smaller manufacturers better address niche markets in nutraceuticals?

Most likely, yes and that ability helps them take advantage of the hyperconnectivity of the consumer population.

The general population doesn’t tend to believe so due to these large pharmaceutical companies clout and the amount of money they spend on advertising/marketing.

However, great overall online awareness can be achieved by anybody that does it correctly and contract nutraceutial companies have learned this.

Both companies spend money in these areas for different reasons but it is all for the consumer at the end of the day.

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It is not longer a one horse race. Consumers are looking for the personalized aspect of wholesale nutraceuticals and realize that this is easily achieved through a contract nutraceutcial company.

They want products that directly apply to them and not the products that are mass produced for the mass market by big pharma.

These are connoisseurs of boutique brands and diversity fuels the drive for these types of changes.

We are, whether we want to see it or not, becoming a single society. Immigration is blurring the geographical borders of countries, even in the United States.

Big brands are not assured a larger share of the market because these are factors in which smaller scaled nutraceutcal companies thrive.

Consumers appreciate a buying experience that feels personal. As if the product was specifically formulated for them.


Even as the political scene changes and laws become lax, it will be the consumer that drives the changes within the industry.

We tend to think of nutraceuticals as an American trend, but the truth is that the world is full of pharma-technology and many American companies have labs in other countries simply to escape the growing pressures imposed by regulations.

Again, smaller firms might be more nimble and able to take advantage of consumer demands even at a faster pace. What that means for small brands is a bigger opportunity.

That is a fact that has not gone unnoticed by big pharma. That is also a key reason why smaller labs are being consumed by bigger brands — generic companies pose big threats to big pharma.

The consumption of smaller brands by big pharma means a tougher time for generic companies, but it is not impossible to win big in a market that is driven by consumer need. The trick is marketing.


Consumers are not shy about whipping out their smartphone in the store isles to research products while they shop.

That trend is no different for anyone who is filling a prescription or at their doctors discussing their health needs.

As insurance companies continue to place more of the cost burden onto consumers, consumers are using technology to find drugs that are on their preferred drug list and avoiding name brand (big pharma) drugs that cost more when there is a cheaper generic available. contract nutraceutical company1.jpg

Technology plays a big role in the buying decisions of consumers even when they are buying medications.

Can your brand take advantage of that fact? Yes. In fact, that is how smaller brands are out-competing big pharma. It is through the education of consumers who want to know what they are taking and how it affects them.

Consumers demand better medications and that trend is a huge opportunity for smaller generic firms.

The war between nutraceutical companies and big pharma companies is messy, but with a clear focus, a contract nutraceutical corporation becomes a key player. The decision of consumers is not just about marketing, but about education and companies that educate their customers, gain better market share and attract more consumers.  

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