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Creating Your Own Supplement Blend: Things To Know!

Creating your own supplement blend doesn’t have to be hard painstaking work. With the right partner you can get your supplement blend and brand off the ground and into the market within a decent amount of time. How can you do so? By making use of our Private Label Services here at StockNutra.

Whether you are looking to create a nutrition capsule, a multivitamin or multi-mineral formula or protein powder or an entire line of products we have the expertise to get you through the entire process from start to finish. We can help you launch your line with as little stress as possible.

Our Facilities

Here at StockNutra our manufacturing facilities are GMP certified. We have the capacity to do production runs of varying sizes with accurate and competitive turnaround. We use the most up to date equipment and the latest techniques and technology in supplement manufacturer.

We use only the highest quality ingredients and only the most up to date deliver methods to ensure the quality of the supplements are maintained throughout the supply chain.

Ensure the Success of Your Supplement Blend

Your supplement can be considered successful when it is carried by major distributors and retailers as well as when customers and competitors start recognizing and showing it respect. AT this point you should be getting feedback about the good results of the supplement and making a profit.

In order for you to get to stage you must ensure that your supplement blend is different – having that one thing that the consumer can only get from your brand. Don’t be tempted to copy a supplement line that is successful and produce a copy of their product. Instead create your own unique version and market based on the benefits of your unique formula.

Yes you may have standard products in your supplement line but you really should also have at least one stand out product that will give consumers a good reason to switch over to your product from whatever it is that they have been using. For this switch to take place your product has to be unique or cutting edge so that consumers will want to buy them. Because at the end of the day a major deciding factor of your success as s supplement brand is whether you are generating a profit or not.

Create Your Own Supplement Brand without Knowing the Science

You don’t have to be a chemistry or nutrition whiz to create your own supplement brand. A company like StockNutra is always reviewing the latest studies and can help you with the science aspect of your formulation. We know the science and we have the technology to get it into supplement form and take it to market. You will never have to worry about your company getting a bad reputation when you choose us to help you to create your own supplement blend.

Creating Your Own Supplement without the Overheads Involved in Doing it Yourself

There are companies that offer you the option to purchase a special blend and then you have to do the capsule filling yourself. While this may be more affordable when you consider the cost at which you get the pre formulated blend and the capsules at, when you think further into the investment into capsule filling machines and technology then it really starts to add up.

Why Create Your Own Supplement?

One of the most common reasons cited for creating your own supplements is potential cost savings. Pre-made capsules can be substantially more expensive than the same supplements in bulk powder form. If you opt for pre-formulated “special blend” capsules that combine several compounds, the price is higher still. But while you’ll pay less cash for bulk supplements, the cost of filling your own capsules is an investment in equipment, expertise, and time.

“Creating your own supplements saves money and gives you control”

However, cost isn’t the only factor to be considered. Many supplement users prefer to have complete control over every aspect of the supplements they consume, from specific combinations of custom-tailored dosages to hand-picked fillers. This level of customization and control is only possible if you buy all the components in bulk and take the time to precisely pack your own capsules. Most pre-formulated supplements don’t include all the components someone may want.

Though the prospect of simultaneously saving money and creating personalized supplement combinations is appealing, it does take time to master the skill. Knowing what to expect from the various supplements available and being clear on the dosages that suit you best are key to getting the most out of making your own supplements. It is important that you do your research on the supplement powders you plan to use so that you understand the dosage amounts and the effects of the supplement powders. We recommend visiting as it provides independent information on many supplements and includes scientific articles to back up the information.

Buying the supplement powders in bulk form and creating your own supplement can be well worth the effort. The small initial investment in the required equipment can quickly be offset by the low cost of bulk supplement powders, resulting in a net cost savings. Even more importantly, creating your own capsules can give you absolutely optimum results by putting you in complete control of every aspect of the process. You can create your own personalized blends, you select your own fillers, and you know exactly what each and every capsule contains.

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