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fish oil supplements for arthirtis

Fish Oil Supplements for Arthritis

As we age, our bones become difficult to manage. Fortunately, fish oils play a role in arthritic treatment. While arthritis is a leading disability in the United States—as one out of every five adults has it—arthritis can still be treated with a lot of attention and supplementation. Fish oil, today, is one of the leading proactive supplements for endurance athletes. It’s also an incredibly profitable supplement to offer in your supplement line. While fish oil can primarily be used to combat the effects of arthritis, it’s certainly an all-in-one solution worthy of your shelves/website.

Understanding How Fish Oil Helps Arthritis Sufferers

Fish oil counteracts the effects of arthritis in several ways. To understand how it counteracts these effects, however, one should know the ins and outs of basic arthritis. There are two types of arthritis—and both create stiffness, joint pain and mobility problems.

  • Osteoarthritis: Osteoarthritis is a degenerative condition which deteriorates a person’s bones and joint cartilage. While it’s inherently a degenerative disease, it can absolutely be combated with supplementation, a healthy lifestyle and even medical care.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis: Rheumatoid arthritis is an actual disease which inflames the joints. Normally, patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis experience immune system problems alongside the basic arthritic pains.

The two types of omega-3 fatty acids contained in fish oil are called DHA—or docosahexaeonic acid—and EPA—or eicosapentaenoic acid. Both DHA and EPA can reduce an individual’s bone and cartilage inflammation while also suppressing the immune system a little. Combined, these qualities are potent weapons against arthritis. Both EPA and DHA also prevent heart attacks, making it more difficult for blood to clot. By lowering blood triglyceride levels and blood pressure, these fatty acids further fight the strains and pains caused by arthritis.

For fish oil’s omega-3 fatty acids to work against arthritis, however, it’s important that an arthritic patient consume a fairly large amount of fish oil per day. While patients can take cod oil, too, cod oil’s high amounts of vitamin A and vitamin D are toxic in high amounts. Thus, it’s a good idea to stick with fish oil supplements for arthritis when handling arthritic pains. As per the Arthritis Foundation, fish oil omega-3 fatty acids are converted by the body into a variety of powerful anti-inflammatory chemicals which are called resolvins. These resolvins circulate throughout the bloodstream, protecting the individual while reducing overall inflammation.


Athletes Looking for Quality Fish Oil 

A lot of sports nutrition shoppers seek out fish oil supplements to take daily. For this reason, your role as a provider should extend to offer fish oil supplements as an option. Fish oil can be sold in capsule form, but it can also be purchased as a liquid or as chewable tablets. General health practices suggest taking two three-ounce fish servings per week. Understandably, it’s difficult to consume a therapeutic dose of fish oil from actual fish.

For this reason, it’s a good idea to consume fish oil with meals. To treat arthritis-related conditions specifically, customers regularly take fish oil capsules which have at least 30-percent EPA/DHA in them as active ingredients. Most people take about 2.6 grams of fish oil, twice per day, to improve any RA or OA symptoms.

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It’s possible to consume fish oil alongside daily meals, too. In fact, the best fish oil consumption practice is to consume one to three fish oil capsules following a large meal. It’s possible space dosages out, too, to avoid consuming a large quantity of fish oil all at once.

An American Journal of Orthopaedics study published in the Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases in January, 2016, recorded a high degree of anti-inflammatory assistance in patients who took low-dose fish oil over several months.

How Can I Provide Fish Oil Supplements for Arthritis?

While fish oil supplements can be purchased over-the-counter at your local grocery store or department store, you can also sell them as part of your sports nutrition line. In fact, including fish oil as part of your nutrition line is a surefire way to connect with a wide-ranging consumer basis. Most sports nutrition and supplement providers carry fish oil supplements for arthritis, and the products themselves are rather easy to include with StockNutra’s’s private label fish oil. 

StockNutra has a variety of options available in terms of bottling and label customization. Because fish oil can be sold in a variety of ways, it’s important to make your line stand out in terms of health benefits and anti-inflammatory properties. Even if you’re supplying sports nutrition, you can brand your fish oil supplements to cater to a diverse audience. A lot of athletes take fish oil for its blood-pressure-reducing effects. Meanwhile, other athletes might consume fish oil to preserve joint health while training.

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ABH Pharma’s fish oil supplement line requires a minimum order quantity of 750 bottles, which is perfect for a fish oil “trial run” in your store. Our source,, is a time-tested-and-true fish oil provider—so you’re guaranteed a high degree of quality with every line purchase. If you’re ready to stock your own private label supplements, help consumers and aid a growing consumer need, outfit your supplement line with one of today’s most-needed supplements.

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