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Health Supplement Wholesalers – What to Know

Marketing is essential for the business success of health supplement wholesalers; however, there are some key considerations unique to the industry that must be supplement wholesaler

From FDA regulations to optimizing your exposure to target audiences, ideal marketing techniques are crucial to marketing and business success for health supplement wholesalers. 

For example, as the One Health supplement company developed their product marketing strategies, their goal was two-fold: effectively market to their target audience while also staying well within FDA rules and regulations for the supplement industry.

Doing so gave them a level of integrity that bolstered their reputation among both customers and competitors.

Your business can accomplish this, too. The following is an overview of the steps that health supplement wholesalers should keep in mind when creating an advertising campaign:

Know Your Market


This is the first and most important question for effectively marketing your vitamins and supplements. Is it driven professional athletes, or general fitness enthusiasts you’re your ideal client base made up of persons looking for better focus and brain health? Is your target audience female or in a specific age range?

Keep in mind that each specific product will have its own target audience and tailor your campaigns accordingly. Also, each product will likely have more than one buyer persona, and each may be quite different. Strive for a nuanced approach to marketing so that each niche of your target audience is covered

However, you can start with the broadest groups first as you gain momentum. Considering this information, consider your pricing, distribution methods and customer service techniques as well.


Based upon your buyer personas, tailor all aspects of your product packaging to appeal to the values and interests of these parties. How can you make your product stand out based upon their needs and concerns? Consider using focus groups made up of your target demographics and try out different designs and approaches.

While one might say “looks aren’t everything,” image is a crucial element to any successful brand. Of course, you have to back it up with amazing products; but when you do, a polished, spot-on look to your packaging and marketing materials will be the icing on the cake.


Any health claims or statements that you make about your products should be based on verified scientific evidence – not just anecdotal evidence from a few past users. While you can still use genuine user testimonials as well, health claims must be factual and come from scientific study results.

The best and most reliable study results are when all parties are “blind” to what aspect of the product they are testing or which group they are in (placebo/control or study subjects.)


Where is your target audience most likely to hear about your products? Are they big on interactive social media?

Do they listen to radio or podcasts? Do they respond to traditional advertising like magazine ads and billboards? Will they watch a 30-minute infomercial?   

health supplement wholesaler

For example, if your target audience is older, they may be less Internet-savvy and more responsive to offline marketing methods. These are important considerations when deciding how exactly to market your products. Surveys and focus groups can help to glean this important information.


One of the most important rules the FDA puts forth to health supplement wholesalers about marketing is the importance of honesty. While all business owners want to cast their products in the best possible light, you cannot make false claims. Avoid exaggerations and deceptive claims as well. There certainly are “gray areas” that many companies and marketers seem to intrude upon all the time, but it’s wiser not to take the risk with your products. This applies to both individual phrases and sentences as well as the “net impression” of the packaging and marketing for your products. You should not call your product a cure if it is not, but you should also take care not to imply that your product is a cure through misleading advertising.


Product marketing can also be considered misleading based upon what is left out of the packaging text and advertising. From possible side effects to safety risks and allergic reactions, all such relevant information should be included on the product packaging.

If study results are cited, all relevant aspects of the study should be included. Key details about products should never be left out to make it sound better than it actually is; this is misleading.


Hiding key details in extremely small text or jumbled elements in your imagery or marketing material is not acceptable, either. The marketing language and design elements used should be clear and easy to understand, not cloudy and obscure. Deliberately downplaying or hiding key information in this manner could be interpreted as deceptive by the FDAAlso, your customers will pick up on any attempts to be deceiving or less than forthcoming. They will see it as a red flag and a sign that they should avoid your products. 

The best idea is to stay honest and transparent in every aspect of your business, especially when it comes to packaging, advertising and marketing. There are a number of other nuances that should be considered when  supplement wholesalers are creating marketing materials and campaigns.

While the bottom line is “test your products thoroughly and be forthright and honest about the results,” you can see more specifics about advertising your vitamins, supplements and other health products at the FDA website. A comprehensive, effective marketing strategy is crucial to the success of health supplement wholesalers. Your approach should cover both your target audience and staying in compliance with FDA rules. Ideal price point and making the most of the best sales channels for your target customers is also crucial.

Use these guidelines when marketing your vitamin or supplement company, and you’ll have the essential elements for success. Esepcially if you put your trust in StockNutra for your private label supplements!

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