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Healthy Combination: Private Label Supplements And Doctors

Increasing revenues isn’t just about adding more services, even in the service industry. This applies to the medical field as well. Many doctor’s offices and clinics are now adding private label supplements to their suite of patient offerings.

Private Label Supplements And Doctors Providing a Valuable Service For Patients

private label supplements and doctors image 2.jpgDoctors looking to increase convenience and quality of life for their patients and also generate some extra income can do so by selling supplements. Doctors selling supplements often select private label nutraceutical route to create their products becasue it is more practical.

Private label supplements for doctors looking to sell to their patients allows healthcare professionals to brand themselves and set themselves apart. They may already be a specialist in one or more areas, but private label supplements can help to increase visibility and loyalty for the clinic.

Contrary to how it might sound, launching private label supplements for a doctor’s office is not a difficult process. It does not require a large amount of time, cost investment or first order/inventory requirement.Many doctors find the potential payoff for raising the office profile and generating revenue is well worth the small amount of effort required to get such an enterprise off the ground.


There are a number of different products that doctors could potentially sell from their offices. Medicated skin care products, essential oils, herbal cures and other homeopathic remedies are just a few examples. However, selling vitamins, supplements, nutraceuticals and other nutritional solutions could be the most successful and profitable choice for adding to the office’s options for clients.

Most doctors take the time to address diet and nutrition during their meetings with patients, and many ultimately recommend specific vitamins and supplements. The specifics of these conversations can vary depending upon the condition and health needs of each individual client.

One approach to offering vitamins and supplement would be to carry the types of products the office most often recommends. For example, multivitamins for different age groups and health conditions could be popular sellers. Immune system defense options such as vitamin C, D and fish oil would be some other prime examples.

Addressing Relevant Areas of Health

However, there are also niche health areas that could be addressed. For example, many women are deficient in calcium and would be well served with a high quality bone health option. Probiotics have been a hot topic in health circles and news items lately and many people have become more focused than ever on the health of their gut microbiome. A healthy gut is foundational to digestion as well as immune system health and numerous other bodily processes.

The health and fitness realm could be covered by doctors who often cater to this type of client. Offering easy protein solutions, metabolism boosters and supplements for optimizing energy levels could be highly appealing for this type of clientele.

Nutraceuticals are another fertile area for doctors considering adding a supplement line to their business. There are nutraceuticals for brain health, fitness, focus, concentration and other areas of health. These supplements can boost performance and quality of life in a range of areas.

Tuning Into Client Needs and Health Goals

private label supplements and doctors image 3.jpgOther areas of specialty might include supplements that help overweight clients, aging baby boomers or expectant mothers. The point here is that there are a number of areas that health care professionals can address when deciding on a vitamin and supplement line. There is a niche for every doctor’s office that is relevant to the practice specialty and typical demographic.

It’s usually more effective to specialize in an area or two relevant to the practice instead of trying to be all things to all clients. Doing some research into the demographic and patient histories of the current client base can yield insights into how to handle these decisions.

Doctors who aren’t sure about the best products to offer could send their patients a survey to find out more about their current and longer-term health goals.

Connecting with the Ideal Partner

No matter what type of vitamins and supplements are offered, there are some key steps to take in order to get started and ensure success. The most important of these is partnering with a proven, trusted, professional vitamin and supplement manufacturer. Doing so can ensure a high quality result, reliable delivery and support for launching private label supplements.

No matter what the category of product, it is important for medical enterprises to do their research when seeking out a vitamin and supplement manufacturer. Doctors or their staff should be sure to inquire about the following areas:

Product R&D and Testing. How will the products be designed and tested? How much support will be offered during this phase?

Minimum Orders. Find out minimum order amounts and ask for guidance about how much of each supplement type to order initially.

Lead Time. How long can you expect to have to wait for your order? This will be important to know to be able to plan for reorders in the future.

Labeling and Packaging. Will the manufacturer provide guidance and insights about a logo, branding, package design and related areas, or will you have to find other resources for this? A nutraceutical manufacturer that offers an all-in-one solution can bring more convenience and success to the entire process.

Licensing Considerations. Does your state require a license or other administrative considerations for selling vitamins and supplements out of your practice? Can your manufacturer assist you in making sure you are compliant with all requirements and guidelines?

Doctors selling supplements can increase quality of life for their patients while also increasing revenues and visibility for their practice. Offering private label supplements isn’t as complicated as it might sound. Using the guidance offered here and partnering with a proven professional is key to success. That proven professional is StockNutra!



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