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Opportunity Alert: Interest in Gummy Vitamins Surging 

Gummies aren’t just for kids the adult gummy vitamin segment is experiencing the largest amount of growth in the
supplement and vitamin category.

According to Drug Store News, user friendly, tasty gummy vitamins have surged in popularity, with a growth rate of gummy-vitamin-supplement-manufacturing.jpg$125 million in annual sales; that’s a 29% annual growth rate.

About 65% of the private label gummy vitamins sold are for adults, while the remainder of these popular supplements are designed specifically for children.

Adult gummy sales continue to surge in popularity, while the children’s models have remained steady in the last year.

What does this increased interest mean for private label gummy sellers?

The chance to launch a private label gummy vitamin to an actively interested and growing market.

As more adults switch from the traditional pill form to vitamins in gummy form, the marketplace should continue to grow.

For an independent entrepreneur, this surge in interest should make it easy to position a private label brand for success

Tips for Private Label Gummy Success


While the interest is there, what will really sell your adult  gummy vitamins is the quality of the finished product.

Choose the right supplier and you’ll be able to offer a product with confidence. You’ll need to be able to rely on the supplier to not only come up with a product you love, but to provide consistently good inventory and offer reliable deliveries.

The best formula in the world won’t help if you can’t get your hands on it to sell – or if the quality is inconsistent.


Etsy, eBay, Amazon and similar sites can help expand your market without making a huge investment.

You’ll need to research each platform to see which one suits your needs best and take the time to read the rules and terms of service for each.

You’ll need to make sure that your target market (in this case, health conscious adults) are present and that you understand how your products would be presented and delivered to customers.

It is best to start with one platform when you launch and expand as you grow.

BUILD YOUR BRANDprivate label gummy vitamins brand building.jpg

When you create and launch your own product, you have full control over the look and design of the packaging and brand.

Take the time to make sure that the product you come up with is appealing and fresh and that it works with your existing branding.

If you are launching a new line, consider what other elements you may want to add later and how your product will look on store shelves or when photographed.

Taking the time now to get the right look in place will save you time and money later and prevent you from having to rework your design if you add additional elements or products to your line.


Launch your product in a variety of places to get more exposure.

If you have a store or a sales team, your new product should be prominently displayed.

Include specialty landing pages on your website that feature the benefits of your new product – from the ease of use for the gummy format to the benefits of the supplements included.

Consider including the following in your marketing plan for your launch:

  • Targeted landing pages for different personas
  • Social media campaign announcing your launch
  • Present your new product to your retail customers and sales team, along with incentives for carrying your new line
  • Consider platforms like Amazon (the Fulfilled by Amazon program may be a good match), Etsy and eBay to boost sales
  • Create videos for your YouTube channel or website to showcase the new product
  • Create a targeted marketing campaign for your existing customers to introduce this exciting new product line
  • Contests or bonuses on your social media pages for those who opt in to try the new product

The growing interest in adult gummies and in supplements in general makes it an ideal time to explore private labeling.

Whether you own an existing brand, want to expand your offerings or are ready to launch your business, private label adult gummies are an excellent place to start.

The manufacturer you choose will have a big impact on your success – when you partner with the right supplier you can be sure that you are selling top quality items and that you always have the stock you need to fulfill orders.

Learn more about the private labeling process and to see how easy it is to launch your own brand, contact us; we’re here to help with all your private label needs.

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