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essentials of starting a supplement company

Knowing the Essentials: Starting a Private Label Supplement Company

“What do I need to start a private label supplement company?”

It is a question that we often get from curious entrepreneurs over the phone enquiring about our products. Today we are going to discuss all the fundamental aspects of starting your private supplement brand. First, let us see what exactly a private label supplement business means.

start a private label supplement company

What is a Private Label Supplement Company?

Seen all the brands of supplements with different products like capsules, gels, pills, powder nutrients, vitamins or other essential minerals? Some of them help you lose weight; some increase your concentration while others substitute your essential nutritional requirements.

It would take a lot of resources and investment for a company if they start the manufacturing process from scratch- you need to work out the formula, find their effectiveness, do quality testing, carry out the whole manufacturing process, do the packaging and all other activities before the product is ready for marketing.

Many small companies or startups cannot afford this investment and don’t have access to all the resources. For them, private label supplement business provides an ideal opportunity to get finished products ready to market.

We have a wide range of popular supplements with high demand which you can order and get quickly shipped to you. You can put your own label and branding and sell the high-quality products with a high-profit margin.

That’s the simple concept behind private label supplement business- you quickly get marketable products ready to be sold at minimum prices.

What kind of Products are Popular in the Market?

Depending upon your interests, you can choose to sell different types of products with varying health benefits. For example, people looking to lose weight have a high demand for weight loss supplements, which induce the ketogenic process.

We have a wide array of stock supplement formulas, which are easily marketable because the customers are already looking for them. You can choose any product from our inventory and develop your own private label supplement brand.

For instance, turmeric supplements are very popular for health benefits and its natural remedial properties. You can order a batch of our turmeric supplements and quickly make a profit selling them to ready customers. Other popular products from our catalog available for quick ordering include-

  • Adult supplements and vitamins
  • Energy supplements
  • Organic and natural supplements
  • Supplements specially designed for women/children/elder people
  • Fitness and bodybuilding products
  • Dietary supplements
  • Sports supplements

Custom Formula Supplements

If you have an idea, we can help you turn it to reality!

Apart from offering stock formulas which are readily available, we can also guide you with your own formula. We have an expert team of scientists and professionals who aware of the nuances of the supplement market and what goes on behind it.

We can work with you on your custom formula, test its viability and let you know it if it’s feasible for the market. Our experts can also refine and tailor your formula to increase its effectiveness so that it becomes a successful product.

We work with you from the beginning to the end, facilitating the whole process so that you can get your ready product for fulfilling your customer’s demands.

How to Set Up your Private Label Supplement Business?

Now let’s talk about how you can start off with your private label supplement company. The first thing you will want to know is about the ordering process. So here are the basics that you need to know.

Minimum Order Quantity of 750 Bottles

All StockNutra bottled products have a minimum order quantity of only 750 bottles. We believe that every type of company should be able to create their business out of our services be it small or big. And that’s exactly why we have a low minimum order quantity of 750 bottles compared to industry average of 2,000 bottles.

You can get your order without a considerable investment and start your business quickly. The low order quantity also enables you to experiment with different type of products to find out which one your customers like best.

It’s a much financially safer option than being forced to order high quantities of products, which you have no means of selling. On the other hand, if your customers do like a product (which we are sure they will do!) you can order higher quantities at lower prices- the more you order, the more discount you get!

Quick Lead Time!

We understand it once you have set you your base of customers you will need a steady flow of products to meet their demands. Any delay or interruption in the process can prove fatal with chances of stock-outs, which negatively impacts the consumer demands. Also, a longer lead-time (the time between ordering and getting your products) adversely affects your sales process and profit.

With a low lead-time, you can increase the output of your private label supplement company and its revenue.

Marketing and Business Development Services

We don’t just empower you with high standard and in-demand supplement products; we also make sure you reach your potential audience and do it professionally. Here are our additional services to give a boost to your private supplement business.

Web Design and Development

Today most of the customers are available on the internet. You don’t need to set up a store or go door to door to sell your products. A reliable website provides an ideal platform to convert curious users to potential customers. It also provides an easy way to sell your products online just like any other e-commerce website- as you may know, customers now prefer to shop online than having to visit a shop.

Our expert web designers and developers with supplement industry knowledge can help you craft the perfect website for your company. We have strong knowledge of selling on leading platforms like Amazon and know the secrets to a successful online supplement business.

We will enable you to complete sales incorporating all logistics of fulfillment like online payment on your website. You can provide a great impetus to your supplement business with an authority website to back up your products in the market.

Industry Standard Labeling and Graphic Design

When it comes to any pharmaceutical or supplement industry, you have to follow the industry standards and national regulations at each and every step- and that includes your graphics department too! Our years of experience and operation in the supplement industry puts us in a unique position to deliver high-quality labeling and other graphics related services for your business.

Our graphic designers and artists know what works and catches the customer’s eye. Instead of paying a designer who doesn’t have any idea about pharmaceutical packaging requirements you can use our professional service and get assured results.

Creative Label Designs

Supplement labels must include warnings and other crucial information for them to be sold. Your products can be taken off the shelves if you don’t follow the requirements or miss out even a trace of information!

The FDA has fined and withdrawn many products because they had misleading information on their labels or didn’t follow the guidelines. Our graphic designers can craft exclusive and innovative supplement labels, which woo the customer and meet all FDA and industry standards.

We can help you create a compliant label with creativity and originality customized according to your brand message. You can also use our high-resolution 3D renderings of your products to market them on e-commerce sites and your customers.

Promotional Materials

Our graphics team has the expertise to create additional sales and marketing materials to give your private supplement company a boost. This includes creating out of the box logos and designs, which stand out from the rest of the competition.

Sales Sheets

You can take help of your team to create outstanding sales sheets to prove the potential of your products to your customer. They can also be used as email and newsletter campaigns and provides a quick and convenient way to present your product benefits.

Package Design

We also offer complete package designing and create professional and attractive designs for your product. The labels and containers strictly follow the industry guidelines in compliance with FDA and other standards.

Marketing Resources

Our services also include creating materials for social media marketing, brochures, website banners and product descriptions. We know how to attract the customers according to your defined demographics with comprehensive industry knowledge and awareness about latest design trends.

The photographers on our team are adept at capturing action shots of your products which are more eye-catching and effective than boring standard shots. We also create sales and product videos which prove to the customer that you really care for them. Videos are also a professional way to present your products to your target audience and shows you have gone the extra mile.

We offer different graphics and design plans to suit the requirements of businesses of every size. You can opt for a basic label and sales sheet design package or go for the all-inclusive package including brochures, marketing media design, and other goodies.

5 Million Dollar Liability Policy for Unforeseen Events

Multiple private label pharmaceutical companies sell all of your products. All of our formulas are proven and have passed all quality tests ensuring their safety and effectiveness.

Still, we are not ready to take any chances and always protect our business partners with a $5 million liability policy in case anything goes wrong. You can carry on your business with complete peace of mind knowing that we always protect your interests.

Get in Touch with us to Start Your Private Label Supplement Company

Just give us a call to start the process of launching your very own supplement company. We will provide all the resources and help that you need to set up a thriving business with a good customer base.

private label dog supplements

Whether you want to quickly order our stock formulas or wish to develop your custom supplement, we are always there to turn your business idea into reality. You don’t need to rely on any middleman or third party you get your products directly from us manufactured under strict standards with assured quality and quick lead times.

You can start out with a low order of 750 bottles and scale gradually as your business grows!

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