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Natural Skin & Anti-Aging Supplement: Astaxanthin

Just about everyone would like to retain a look of youth and vitality while preserving skin health. Astaxanthin just could be a natural supplement that contributes to this goal. With high consumer interest related to anti-aging and skin, nutraceutical manufacturers should consider adding astaxanthin to their private label supplements.

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Global demand for astaxanthin was around USD 555.4 million in 2016. However, growing awareness of its antioxidant properties and benefits to the skin and overall health is set to cause astaxanthin interest to rise even higher.Astaxanthin is a red pigment found in microalgae known for its ability to absorb solar radiation. It is consumed by crustaceans and is what gives shrimp and marine life their reddish color. Higher up the food chain it can create deeper pinks and reds, as in pink flamingos and salmon.

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As consumers become aware that the antioxidant content in astaxanthin is one of the highest found in natural compounds, demand for astaxanthin supplement products is sure to surge.

Another factor fueling astaxanthin interest is public awareness about the benefits of natural algae and biomass to human health. Supplement manufacturers creating products that incorporate astaxanthin appreciate its ease of extraction and production, which keeps costs reasonable.

Astaxanthin, Nature’s Best Sunblock

Astaxanthin is a natural sunscreen for marine life due to its ability to block and absorb the sun’s ultraviolet light. Because of this, researchers thought it might make an ideal natural, organic sunscreen. However, upon studying it they found that it could do much more than this.

Astaxanthin is also an antioxidant that scavenges free radicals, protects the mitochondria, has anti-inflammatory benefits and protects against glycation. All of these qualities play into astaxanthin skin benefits, and they comprise its effectiveness as an anti-aging compound both inside and out.

Marketing Astaxanthin as a Preventative Measure for Skin Health  

Astaxanthin was found to shield numerous other areas of the body against destructive, potentially cancer-causing free radicals. In fact, just about every organ and system of the body can benefit from astaxanthin. Researchers also discovered a way to enhance absorption in the body, making it more beneficial to overall health.

In one study, astaxanthin was found to extend the life span of simple organisms like small worms. This is a testament to its potential positive effects and on longevity, overall health and quality of life as we age. Just about every supplement consumer is looking for anti-aging health benefits and longevity, making astaxanthin very easy to market and sell.


Research has determined that around 6 mg per day is the ideal astaxanthin dosage for skin health. Taking it for just 6 to 8 weeks can show demonstrable improvement to the appearance of wrinkles, crow’s feet, laugh lines, moisture, skin elasticity and overall texture. These positive effects occur in both men and women, and they are enhanced by topical application of astaxanthin concurrently with an internal astaxanthin dosage for skin.

It’s benefits can be a major selling point for supplement manufacturers and retailers of this life-enhancing supplement. Additionally, astaxanthin brings the following health benefits when taken orally:

Better Immune System Health

The cells of the immune system are continually on patrol for emerging cancer cells and other invaders. However, if it is over-activated, inflammation, allergic responses and autoimmune diseases can be triggered. Studies have found astaxanthin has a balancing effect on the immune system by both supporting its cancer-fighting properties such as white blood cell production and suppressing overactive immune responses.

Provides Relief For Inflammatory Diseases, Allergies

The root of most allergies and inflammatory conditions is swelling and inflammation at the cellular level. Arthritis and asthma are two examples. Because of astaxanthin’s ability to regulate the inflammatory process within the immune system, it can offer substantial relief as a natural anti-inflammatory supplement.

Reduction of Effects of Obesity, Diabetes

Persons who are overweight and/or suffering from diabetes often face a cascade of related health conditions. While addressing weight, blood sugar and overall health is crucial, taking astaxanthin can help with reducing oxidative stress on the body as well as inflammation and tissue damage. Some studies have shown astaxanthin can help to reduce and regulate blood glucose levels, protect the pancreas and help block additional weight gain. It has also shown protective effects to the kidney, liver and other organs in diabetic patients. This leads to supplement manufacturers even using astaxanthin in weight loss supplements as well.

Brain Health

The protective effects and benefits of astaxanthin also extend to the brain, blocking the oxidative effects of proteins that can lead to cognitive issues, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.

Astaxanthin has tremendous promise and marketing potential for vitamin and supplement companies. Rising consumer interest regarding the importance of antioxidants for anti-aging and overall health will fuel demand, especially when they learn astaxanthin is one of the most potent antioxidants available. If your vitamin and supplement company isn’t offering the healing compound that’s up to 6,000 times more effective than vitamin C, your customers can’t have access to all its healing benefits!

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