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private label tendonitis supplements

Private Label Supplements Marketable for Tendonitis Sufferers

Creating a supplement to assist in the easing of tendonitis sufferers could prove to be lucrative for your brand. They are marketable to the thousands of active people that experience pain in their tendons. Tendons are the tissues which are responsible for connecting muscles to bones. If these are put under undue stress or are overused, then they may become inflamed.   Areas which are commonly affected by tendonitis include the wrist, elbow, shoulder, and heel.

The pain resulting from this condition may be present during exercise or even at night when a person is resting. The location of the inflammation plays a role in how the condition is named. Golfers elbow is an example this. Others include jumpers knee, pitchers shoulder, and achilles tendonitis. In this article, we are going to show you which private label supplements that we offer on you can use to satisfy this demand supplements for tendonitis!

Private Label Supplements for Tendonitis 

1. Vitamin B6

This B-complex vitamin has been shown to aid in the metabolism of dietary proteins and fats. In the treatment of tendonitis, this could be helpful as tendons and ligaments require amino acids for their construction. These building blocks are derived from proteins that have been broken down. Therefore, an increase in dietary vitamin B6 could aid in the repair of damaged tendons.

If an infection were to impact the tendons, the cells damaged in the process could increase the overall inflammation in the area. The immune system is called on to fight these infections via the aid of white blood cells. These seek out and destroy the infection. Vitamin B6 has been found to increase the production of these white blood cells, therefore increasing the immunity of the body.

An increase in the intake of this vitamin could accelerate the tendonitis healing process. This complex can be consumed in the form of capsules, but there are also adequate amounts found in certain food. These include eggs, cabbage, chicken, corn, carrots, and bananas.

There is no recommended dosage for Vitamin B6, but a person should not consume more than 200mg per day. Dosages exceeding this amount have been known to produce neurological effects, such as varying loss of feeling in the legs as well as a loss of balance.

2. Magnesium and Calcium 

Calcium is synonymous with bone health, but it is also vital for the contraction of muscles, the secretion of hormones and enzymes, and it promotes the health of blood vessels. It is for these reasons that calcium is so abundant in the body.

Magnesium is another mineral which is essential for overall body function. It can be found in organs, tissues, and bones. Here it ensures the proper functioning of nerves and muscles, enhances bone strength, promotes immune system function, and acts as a heartbeat regulator.

The combination of these two minerals could aid in the repair and maintenance of muscles and connective tissue. One study done recommends that a person consume 750mg of magnesium and 1500mg of calcium each day to aid in the treatment of tendonitis.

These can be taken in the form of supplements, or one can increase their intake of food which are rich in these minerals. This would include a diet of salmon, dairy products, and cereals for calcium and spinach, soybeans, halibut, cashew, almonds, and potatoes for magnesium. These should also be supplemented with a diet that is rich in Vitamin D as this is essential for the proper absorption of calcium. We offer two different Private Label Magnesium options available for your brand!

private label magnesium

3. Vitamin C 

This vitamin is widely associated with an improvement of immune system function. This along with the fact that it can also decrease inflammation makes it an essential vitamin in the treatment of tendonitis.

Dosages for this treatment would be between 250mg and 500mg per day. It is best to consume this vitamin in dietary form, from foods such as broccoli, tomatoes and citrus fruits.

4. Fish Oil 

Fatty acids are known to promote a regular heartbeat and improve overall heart health as well as decrease the inflammation associated with tendonitis. Omega-£ fatty acids can be added to a diet by the inclusion of fatty fish. These fish include mackerel, tuna and salmon and at least 6 ounces should be eaten a week.

Another option would be to consume Omega-3 supplements. These are taken twice a day and provide 1000mg with each tablet. With many different varieties of our Private Label Fish Oil ranging in different levels of EPA and DHA

private label fish oil

5. Vitamin E 

This vitamin is one with relatively powerful antioxidant properties. This is required to counteract the activity of free radicals. Free radicals are produced when oxygen reacts with specific molecules in the body. Once they are formed, they go on to interact with cells and result in cellular damage.

If the interaction is powerful enough, cellular death will occur. A vitamin with antioxidant properties can counteract these free radicals, thus slowing down the process of aging and cellular damage.

In the case of tendonitis, our Private Label Vitamin E has been found to decrease the swelling and pain which is associated with the condition making it a prime add!

6. Bromelain 

A proteolytic enzyme is one which is specifically suited to breaking down proteins. This reaction produces amino acids, which are the building blocks of a tissue which has a muscular component. This process is one which occurs with protein from dietary sources and is the main but not the only function of a proteolytic enzyme.

Other functions include the promotion of immune system function, blood clotting, the recycling of proteins. These enzymes can be found in plants and animals, but it has been shown that humans may derive more benefits by ingesting the plant-based variety.

Bromelain is one such plant-based proteolytic enzyme. It can be found in both the pineapple stem and in pineapple juice. In the treatment of tendonitis, the inclusion of this enzyme could result in the decrease of pain, tenderness, and swelling which are all concern associated with the condition.

As this is a natural product, the side-effects are not particularly adverse, but there are a few which should be mentioned. One may experience intestinal discomfort, diarrhea, and stomach upsets when they consume these foods. These should not cause undue concern, but if reactions appear to be severe, then a doctor should be consulted.

7. Potassium

This nutrient can help in the treatment of tendonitis, as it has a direct impact on the tendons themselves. Other vitamins and minerals may play a support role in cellular composition and function, while potassium promotes and improves the actual elasticity of the tendons in the body. This means that tendons will be less susceptible to injury, thus acting as a preventative measure to tendonitis.

Potassium can even help in the treatment of the condition itself, as it is known to be a natural pain reliever. The inclusion of foods that are rich in potassium will deliver these benefits and would result from the consumption of bananas, kiwis, pears, and apricots.

There are also potassium supplements which can be consumed. If one is concerned about stomach upsets, then they should aim to take these supplements with a meal.

8. Fenugreek 

These seeds also have anti-inflammatory properties. This is desirable in a tendonitis treatment as the condition is one which includes inflammation. To derive these anti-inflammatory benefits, one could consume the seeds with a glass of milk. The seeds should be ground into a powder and added to the milk to make consumption easier.

9. White Willow Bark

Tendonitis is associated with relatively severe discomfort and pain. While these can be treated with medication, there are certain foods which will act as a natural remedy for pain. One such source is the white willow bark. This can be taken in extract form, or a tea can be prepared.

A tea can be prepared by brewing white willow bark in boiling water. This mixture can be taken throughout the day and should aid in pain relief. While this product is natural and should not result in any adverse effects, it cannot be consumed by everyone. Pregnant women and people suffering from stomach ulcers should seek alternative methods of pain relief.

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