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Smooth Energy 60 Count

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Smooth Energy 60 Count

  • –  Natural Source of Caffeine Used (From Arabica Beans) rather than synthetic Anhydrous Caffeine.
  • –  Bioperine® added for increased absorption.
  • –  Organic Flow Agent.

Our Private Label Smooth Energy Formula helps boost athletic potential by supporting controlled muscle contraction and increasing power to engage in more intense repetitions. This dietary supplement features the popular combination of caffeine and L- Theanine.

What separates our formula from the competition is that our caffeine is derived from arabica beans as appose to caffeine anhydrous. We are not against the use of caffeine anhydrous in supplements but we feel a more purer caffeine source will give your product better results. It is widely known that caffeine can increase one’s attention, focus and energy levels with the drawbacks of an increased heart rate and potential jitters. L-Theanine is known to be a relaxing amino acid that promotes alpha brain waves as well as a sense of relaxation to fight off the jitters from the caffeine. Bioperine™  is also added to help boost bioavailability.

With consumers being more health conscious now then ever and what we feel is an unsaturated market now is a great time to expand your supplement business into nootropics. Our Stock Smooth Energy is the perfect beginner nootropic for your supplement brand.

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