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Vanilla Bone Broth + Organic Prebiotic

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Vanilla Bone Broth + Organic Prebiotic

This form of our Bone Broth Protein comes from bovine bones. We only source bones from grass-fed pasture raised cows from Germany. Bone broth is a supplement that has been around for centuries. With collagen and gelatin found naturally in bone broth, it could help strengthen your gut lining and relieve some pressure on your bones. Bone broth is also full of amino acids.

StockNutra makes bone broth for all types of supplement companies. These supplements are available in the form of a powder that dissolves easily in water or capsules. To produce this powder, you begin with clean beef bones. Next, the bones are broken down and ground into small, coarse particles. After blood removal, the temperature of the water is increased to boiling to extract fat and protein from the bones. Once the mixture has been cooked, it is filtered to remove larger solid particles. The filtered liquid is then concentrated and dried to make a powder bone broth supplement.

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