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Quick Glance At Cranberry Extract Supplements: Market Research

People have reached for cranberry juice for decades to help fight off urinary tract infections.

Beyond juice, the benefitscranberry extract market research blog image 1.jpg of cranberry extract in supplement form become more comprehensive.

Cranberry extract is one of the superfoods and it is available in liquid – as a juice or concentrate, as a powder, and as a natural dye for foods. It is that anthocyanin, which is a flavonoid – plant pigment.

It is the anthocyanin which gives the cranberry their beautiful deep red color and what is driving the demand for cranberries.

Uses for Cranberries and Anthocyanin

As a Food – Cranberries are a food that is available all year long. Consumption usually rises during the holidays, but people enjoy the juice from cranberries every day. Cranberries are added to salads, used to flavor poultry, in jams, and paired with fish.

As a Natural Food Dye – With more scientific evidence showing the negative effects of artificial food dyes [1] [2], organic food manufacturers are driving up the demand for natural food pigments, such as those found in cranberries.

For Skin Health – The antioxidant properties in cranberries have attracted a lot of attention, especially for those who are looking towards cosmetics as a way to reduce the signs of aging. Antioxidants combat free radicals which are the initial source of why we age.

Cranberry Extract Supplement – People reach for cranberry extract supplements for many reasons. It has a long history as a medicinal for treating bladder infections, but the antioxidant powers provide even more reasons to increase your daily intake of cranberries.

One reason is that cranberry extract has the ability to dissolve biofilms. Biofilms are the glue that bacteria and virus use to stick to surfaces. Because of the acidic nature of cranberry extract, biofilms dissolve which makes it easier for our immune system to destroy them.

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Biofilms are also used as a coating so that pathogens are protected from chemicals. As the acid in cranberries eats through the biofilm, chemicals, antibiotics, and immune cells can attack and kill the pathogen. [3][7]

As a Curative – Going beyond biofilm, cranberries help to prevent bacteria and pathogens from finding cells. Generally speaking,  in the body, cells signal for needs and those signals are interpreted by bacteria and pathogens which then gain access to the cell.

A research study out of Canada shows how the nutrients in cranberries help to disrupt that communication cycle. [7] It is the anthocyanins found in cranberries that help and their role goes beyond that of just quieting communications as they play a part in limiting that degree of infections.

Powdered, Extract, or Dried – Which is Most Desirable

From the ease of use perspective, the powdered form of cranberries is what sells the most on private label nutraceutical websites. One reason is that it is difficult to lug around cranberry juice. So, for people on the go, the cranberry supplement capsule is a perfect choice.

Other choices include cranberry extract and dried cranberries. The benefit of the supplement is that the user controls the dosage without having to guess how much cranberry extract they gain from a glass or a pile of dried fruit.

If you are looking for a natural way to add cranberry to your diet, understand that without added sugar, cranberry juice is tart. It is easier to get your family to swallow a caplet than it is to get them to drink pure cranberry juice. Also, the benefit of the caplets is that you control the dosage.

For example, one cup of unsweetened cranberry juice has 39 percent of your daily intake of vitamin C. A single vitamin C 500 mg table is roughly 500 percent of your RDA for vitamin C. It is just much simpler to enjoy the caplet than the tart cranberry juice.

Consumers of Cranberries:

To understand the market for cranberries we turn to a report by Persistence Market Research [4]

1. Pharmaceuticals & Nutraceuticals – Persistence Market Research says that the pharmaceutical industry will remain the top consumer of cranberries. For the ease of use for the general consumer, portability, dosage control, and taste make this a convenient product for consumers.

The market share for cranberry supplements is expected to favor the powdered from. Cranberry additives, color, and flavoring are important both in terms of marketing and product enhancement. The pharmaceutical market segment is expected to continue to grow and to remain the biggest consumer of cranberries through 2025.

2. Food Industry – Persistence Market Research thinks that the Food Industry’s use of cranberry will continue to grow through 2025. For food manufacturers, it is expected that the high demand for organic foods and natural food dyes by consumers will continue to spur the demand by manufacturers to use more cranberries.  This market segment is expected to grow thanks to the demand from consumers.

3. Diet and Exercise Industry –  Somewhat as a shock, the diet and exercise industries came in as the third largest consumer of cranberries. many diet products are all about cranberry.

However, the dietary supplement industry tends to reinvent itself regularly so new fads in diets color consumer cranberry extract market research blog image 3.jpgspending for this industry. Also under the diet and exercise industry is the cosmetic industry.

As mentioned, the cosmetic industry is interested in the antioxidant properties of cranberries for use as pigments in cosmetics and as a boost for skin products.

The expectation for market growth within the diet industry is expected to remain the same through 2025.

Interestingly enough, it is the online market that is expected to grow the most through 2025. The contenders are wholesalers, direct selling – including personal brands-, and distributors. part of the drive for online sales is expected to come from millennial consumers who have not surpassed the baby boomers as the biggest market segment for consumers. [5]

Not only are millennials the largest shopping group they are the group that engages the most with online shopping. 51 percent of millennials shop online [6] and 54 percent of millennials prefer to shop online rather than at stores [6]

Cranberries are looking to be a good investment for anyone who is designing supplements. As more medical research comes to light explaining why cranberries are good for us, more consumers clamoring for cranberries.

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