Nootropic Focus Formula

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private label focus formula

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(Typically Sold In 90 Count)

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Why it’s better than Amazon Best Seller:

  • Most bioavailable form of B12 used (we use Methylcobalamin – others use Cyanocobalamin).
  • We have added Vitamin B3 – for instant gratification (it can make the user feel warm and they know something is working after taking the capsule).
  • We are using Bacopa standardized to Bacosides (the active ingredient in good Bacopa) others are using an
  • Extract with no standardization.
  • We have added Alpha GPC (highly marketable right now) and it is the form of Choline which crosses the blood brain barrier for enhanced bioavailability.
  • We have added Huperzine A (which increases Acetylcholine naturally in the body – perfect to pair with Alpha GPC).
  • We are using Bioperine® for further enhancement and marketability.
  • Veggie Caps.
  • Natural Flow Agents (OrganiFlow and Silicon Dioxide from mineral source).

Additional information

Count Per Bottle

30, 60, 90

Bottle Color

White PET, White HDPE, Clear PET, Amber PET, Cobalt Blue PET, Black (Dark Amber) PET

Bottle Lid Color

White Smooth, White Ribbed, Black Smooth, Black Ribbed

Bottle Label

Unlabeled, Stock Label w/ Your Logo, Custom Label

QA QC Documents

Certificate of Analysis

Supplement Facts

Allergen Statement

Combined Statement

Material Safety Datasheet

Letter of Guarantee

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