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Soft Gel Manufacturing: So That’s How They Fill Them! (Infographic)

Soft gel manufacturing isn’t an incredibly long, drawn-out process, but it’s certainly interesting. The manufacturing process of high-quality soft gel capsules uses sophisticated technology and the aid of highly-trained machine operators. Years ago, gelatin capsules used to be made from porcine and bovine skin and bones. Today, they can be made from a variety of materials, including chicken, fish and even vegetarian materials.

Gelatin is comprised of a protein which can easily be digested by the body’s enzymes within the intestinal tract. So, when consumers take gelatin capsule supplements, the active ingredients are released and absorbed into the bloodstream. As a leading supplier of private label soft gels StockNutra enjoys explaining how we create our stock items to intrigued customers. 

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How Does Soft Gel Manufacturing Start?

A soft gel capsule’s gelatin powder is first mixed with glycerin and water. Then, it’s heated and stirred while in a vacuum environment. During the stirring process, any needed flavors or colors are injected into the gelatin mix. The mix, itself, is kept inside a stainless-steel container and kept at a constant temperature.

The process of heating and blending granulate gelatin, along other ingredients, can take a while to complete. For this reason, soft gel manufacturing is normally a drawn-out process. When the appropriate heat is applied, however, a thick syrup is produced. This syrup, called “gel mass,” can be used for additional capsules.


Once the gelatin is prepared, it’s time to encapsulate it. During this phase, a manufacturer uses an encapsulation machine. An encapsulation machine converts gel mass into a thin, gelatin layer. This layer is wrapped around the liquid supplement—forming a soft gel capsule. Check out this YouTube video for an up-close look at high-precision soft gel encapsulation.


Once the materials have been encapsulated, the manufacturer needs to dry the capsules. During the drying process, excess gelatin shell moisture is removed. When moisture is removed, the shell shrinks, filling the soft gel capsule completely. Normally, drying can be done by tumbling the capsules—or even drying them in a tray!

The drying process might take a little while, but the sorting process occurs rather quickly. Soft gel encapsulation machines automatically sort and distribute the capsules as soon as they’re created, giving the manufacturer extra freedom to focus on important administrative tasks.

How Versatile are Soft Gel Capsules?

They’re very versatile. In fact, a lot of modern supplement brands favor soft gel capsules because of their target demographic favor them. Soft gel capsules are one-piece gelatin capsules made almost exclusively from oil-based or fully liquid formulas. For this reason, they’re incredibly cheap to produce. Because soft gel capsules can be made in a variety of shapes, different product lines can prioritize soft gel capsules which are meant for easy-swallowing situations.

As said earlier, vegetarian and vegan encapsulation is possible. These soft gel capsules use carrageenan, which makes sure the consumer can abide by dietary restrictions while having great freedom in their mineral, supplement and vitamin choices. Plus, soft gel capsules can be specifically designed to be broken down, digested and absorbed in specific areas within the gastrointestinal tract. 

Because some target consumers in the supplement industry have issues with tablet coatings often turn to soft gel capsules, soft gels themselves are becoming incredibly popular in the industry. When providing soft gel capsules to customers, it’s a good idea to consider the slew of custom options available. StockNutra manufactures the highest quality soft gels for distribution. With over 20 years of manufacturing experience, StockNutra’s soft gel encapsulation process is incomparable.

StockNutra soft gels can be obtained in different colors, sizes, shapes and with different laser etchings. Each line is additionally tested analytically for stability. For years, customers have debated over the benefits of soft gels versus tablets. While the debate won’t disappear overnight, we’re proud to produce one of the industry’s best soft gel lines currently available.

Switching to Soft Gels Today

Remember: Soft gel capsules are ideal for fat-soluble and oil-based formulas. They’re excellent options for sports enthusiasts, exercise-lovers and nutritionists. Really, a soft gel capsule is one of the most versatile, reliable supplement encasing options available. In addition to being fat soluble, soft gels even cause less stomach discomfort than leading alternatives.

Because soft gels offer astounding dose uniformity, superior active ingredient protection and a tight design, they can be utilized as part of an entire private label supplement line. It isn’t rare to see providers who’ve switched to soft gel capsules simply because they’re the most protective encapsulation option out there. Sealed soft gel capsules protect all nutrients from both degradation and oxidation. They’re basically “vacuum-sealed” supplements which are protected from UV radiation and light, too.

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On all fronts, soft gel capsules are your best option as a provider—especially if you want to provide oil-based supplements like fish oil or Vitamin D. You likely won’t find a better cost-efficient option, either, as soft gel capsules benefit from astoundingly low incremental costs. Between their easy manufacturing, mass creation potential and top-tier absorption rate, soft gel capsules stand as a favored option among coaches, athletes and health-conscious individuals alike. If you haven’t yet, consider making the switch. You won’t be disappointed.

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