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choline supplements for hair growth

Spike in Use of Choline is White Label Hair Products

Choline is a macronutrient that’s key to a number of crucial bodily processes. It powers brain development, liver function, nerve functioning and muscle movement. It is also essential to optimal energy levels and healthy metabolism as well as hair health and growth. 

Choline for hair growth includes numerous choline hair benefits along with other key health benefits. This makes choline a choice supplement for anyone doing all they can to support optimal health.

The Benefits of B Vitamins, Choline and FolateUntitled design-5 copy 3.jpg

Choline is water soluble and related to other key nutrients like folate and B complex vitamins. It takes the form of phosphatidycholine, a structural compound of fat cells. It fuels numerous bodily processes that are carried out hundreds of times daily.

Choline is produced in the liver and aids in the methylation process, which is essential in cellular detoxification, nerve signaling and DNA creation.

Choline works with fat molecules to help transform them into usable energy. It also regulates the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which oversees muscle movement and can help with anti-aging.

Sources of Choline For Hair Growth and Overall Health

Natural sources of choline include meat, fish, nuts, eggs, soy, garbanzo beans, navy beans and peas. However, it can also be taken through supplementation. It is often included as part of B complex vitamins in white label hair products.

While choline assists in a range of life-sustaining processes, choline for hair growth and choline hair benefits are among the lesser-known benefits of choline. Choline supplement dosage can vary from one individual to the next depending upon nutritional goals and needs.

Signs and Symptoms of a Choline Deficiencycholine supplements image 2.jpg

Choline deficiency can cause issues at the cellular level, which then ripple out to the rest of the body. Some of the symptoms can include numbness or tingling in the limbs, depression, kidney issues and liver problems. Fatigue, low energy levels, muscle or nerve aches, cognitive issues, memory loss, learning problems and mood disorders can also result.

A lack of choline can also contribute to dull hair, thinning hair, hair loss and baldness. Choline hair benefits and choline for hair growth works through protecting the hair follicles and making them more healthy. When used with something called Inositol, choline has been found to create new hair growth through the stimulation of cellular activity within the scalp.  

10 Key Benefits of Choline

Clearly, this micronutrient is essential to health on a variety of levels related to the nervous system, digestion, the endocrine system and reproductive system. Choline for hair growth also brings choline hair benefits to preventing baldness and stimulating new growth.

The following is a more detailed overview of the top 10 key benefits of getting sufficient choline every day:

1. Cellular and DNA Formation

After choline assists with fat absorption, these compounds are used to create cellular structures including cell membranes. Choline and folate together assist with methyl group processes, which help create and support the most crucial element of life: the DNA.

2. Nervous System Health

Choline assists with nervous system signaling that’s critical for brain, nerve and muscle functioning. It is a precursor for many neurotransmitters that aid in central nervous system communication and functioning.

3. Healthy Liver

Choline is required for the transport of the fats such as triglycerides and cholesterol from the liver to the rest of the body. They are used in numerous key processes, including building more cells. Choline also assists in cleansing the liver and keeping it clear of fatty buildup that could otherwise cause harm. Not surprisingly, choline deficiency is linked with liver issues and liver failure.

4. Protecting Memory and Cognitive Health

Choline supplementation helps to keep the brain and memory sharp. It does so by boosting neural plasticity as well as cellular and neurotransmitter functioning.

5. Improved Muscle Functioning and Sports/Fitness Performance

Choline boosts both mental and physical energy. It aids in focus, concentration and coordination, which are all key to physical activity of all kinds. Its positive impact on the nervous system helps to boost sports and exercise performance. It can also help to prevent muscle aches following exercise.

6. Cardiovascular Health

Cholesterol is one of the biggest contributors to heart issues including heart attacks. Together with folate, choline helps to regulate fat and cholesterol levels.

7. Reduced Risk of Stroke

The formation of plaque and fatty deposits within arteries raises the risk of stroke. Choline is integral in regulating fat in the body, which can reduce buildup that could otherwise lead to stroke.

8. Healthy Pregnancy

Pregnant women need large amounts of choline, as it is continually used by the developing baby. Low choline levels in pregnant women have been linked with birth defects related to brain abnormalities. Choline also makes breast milk healthier.

9. Skin Health

Since choline is so crucial to cellular health, it is also essential to skin health. It aids in creating firmer skin through optimal collagen levels and expelling toxins.

10. Choline Hair Benefits

Choline for hair growth and health works through protecting the hair follicles and making them stronger and healthier. When used in combination with Inositol, choline can help to stimulate new hair growth through the creation of new growth activity within the scalp.

Choline Supplement Dosage

Choline supplement dosage can vary depending upon the size and nutritional needs of the individual. Adult women should take around 425 mg daily, while men can benefit from taking 550 mg. Pregnant women can benefit from taking a considerably higher choline supplement dosage. As always, it’s best to consult a doctor or naturopath before starting any vitamin or supplement regimen.

Clearly, choline should be within the product line of every vitamin and supplement company. It is also used in a lot of white label hair productsFolate is also linked with optimal cholate performance within the body, so as a vitamin and supplement manufacturer you might consider combining these compounds into an even more effective and beneficial supplement.

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