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private label supplements for nail growth

StockNutra’s Private Label Supplements for Nail Growth

Growing longer, stronger, and healthier nails at a quicker pace is desirable among many, and it can prevent painful chips and breaks while boosting self-esteem. While there is no miracle product that can magically make nails grow to full length overnight, healthier nails often grow faster, and the best-guaranteed way to boost nail growth is through the use of concentrated amounts of vitamins. Plenty of supplement brands have honed in on this idea, using a variety of different vitamins to promote better, healthier nails. Here are some of the best private label supplements for nail growth  offered on!


Biotin is arguably the most common kind of nail growth supplement. Comprising of vitamin B7, B8, and H, these complex B vitamins are a key part of ensuring healthy nails, as well as healthy hair. Biotin works by seeping into the nail’s core, where cells are created and develop, and encouraging the growth of nails through this means. This allows them to encourage faster growth.

The effects of biotin absorption include strengthening nails and preventing brittleness, as well as promoting the growth of thicker nails overall. Plenty of doctors have reported success stories in patients’ nail health with the regular use of biotin, and the vitamin is also used to treat medical abnormalities and problems in the hoofs of animals.|

private label biotin


Otherwise known as vitamin B9, folic acid is crucial in the formation of cells. This includes creating, developing, and repairing the cells that make up the nails. This means that getting enough of this vitamin in your body can help to boost the growth of nails and the formation of nail cells.

Nails form very rapidly and grow quickly, so they need plenty of folic acids to support their growth and development. Without a good dose of folic acid, nails can grow more slowly or come out thin and brittle, making them susceptible to breaking and tearing, so it’s important that supplements for nail growth contain this ingredient. 


The B vitamins are an incredibly vital part of nail, hair, and skin health, which is why they are used in so many supplements for nail growth. Two other crucial B vitamins in addition to biotin and folic acid for nail growth are B12 and B6.

Vitamin B12 ensures good health of red blood cells and ensures that nerve cells are resistant to damage of any kind. In nail growth, they ensure that blood circulation to the fingers is at optimum rates, which in turns spurs growth. In addition, a deficiency of this vitamin is often displayed in brittle nails that have lost their white crescent peeks, or in nails that grow in abnormal shapes, so it is safe to assume that getting enough of this vitamin can help nails grow faster and better. Meanwhile, vitamin B6, which is also known as pyridoxine, supports blood flow similarly through hemoglobin production in the blood.


Zinc is a very important chemical compound in the human body. It facilitates the processes of over a hundred different varieties of enzymes, it boosts the immune system, it has the ability to prevent infections and diseases, and of course, it promotes healthier stronger nails and hair.

Much like folic acid, zinc is responsible for cell growth and division, and it is important in order to guarantee that this happens healthily. Due to how quickly nails grow, zinc is vital to ensure that the process happens well. A deficiency in zinc can lead to nails that split or break easily, and it can also cause discoloration on the nails.


This amino acid is naturally occurring within the nails, as part of its intricate make and structure. Therefore, it goes without saying that cysteine supplementation supports healthier and stronger nails overall. Consuming this protein can allow for revitalization of the nails, kickstarting their growth in a healthy and more refreshed way.

But cysteine isn’t just great for nails – it also assists in ensuring a higher production of collagen, is a fantastic antioxidant to promote better health, and can overall have a good effect on the hair and skin. This is likely why so many supplements for nail growth make use of this amino acid – it’s like a super protein!


There are few things that vitamin C can’t do. Traditionally, most individuals consume it in abundance during times of ill health, and some even use it as a lotion or scrub to make the skin healthier, but it has plenty of other benefits, too – including benefits for your nails.

Vitamin C is responsible for the strengthening of the bones, connective tissues, and blood vessels, so when coupled with responsible nail trimming, it can strengthen nails and aid in a speedier growth process. It also prevents the formation of ingrown nails and hangnails altogether, so it goes without saying that it ensures healthy growth. Many experts consider it the best possible route to take when striving for better nail health, which is what makes it a core part of many supplements for nail growth.


On the surface, vitamin D helps to maintain the integrity and strength of nails, so this is a no-brainer when it comes to supplements for nail growth. A deficiency in vitamin D can cause nails to peel and crack.

On a deeper level, vitamin D assists in the absorption of calcium into the body, which in turn can regulate its concentration within the blood. This allows for two things: better blood flow, which facilitates faster nail growth, and healthier nails, which, like teeth, rely on calcium for strength and fortitude.

private label vitamin d3


 A fat-soluble vitamin, vitamin A has long been hailed as an effective form of nutrition for better, healthier nail growth. It can keep nails strong enough to ward off brittleness, so cracking nails and the like could be a sign of deficiency of this particular vitamin.

Apart from helping nail growth, vitamin A can also strengthen the tissues, bones, and teeth, and it works as an antioxidant, which keeps the body healthy. All in all, it’s another example of a “super vitamin” that does more than one good thing for the body, which is why it’s so popular among consumers.

 9. IRON 

Iron is part of the production process for keratin, and keratin is part of the production process of healthy and strong nails, so supplements for nail growth that contain iron are ensuring that consumers get enough of the essential building blocks in nails and nail growth. Without iron, any efforts to grow stronger nails faster simply will not come to fruition.

Iron deficiency can lead to a wide host of health problems, and nail issues are just the tip of the iceberg. Nails that are growing curved and deformed, have ridges, distortions, and discoloration, or are extremely thin are all common results of too little iron in


The best possible way to grow nails faster is to take the best parts of each vitamin or supplement and mix them together into one super vitamin. At Stocknutra, we produce supplements for nail growth in the popular form of gummy vitamins  or gumdrops that are geared towards promoting faster and healthier nails.
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Our Hair, Skin, and Nails Formula Gummy Vitamins contain vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, biotin, zinc, and more, which work together to create a formula that helps the overall health of nails, hair, and skin, all at the same time. They are 100% vegan and cruelty-free, too!

With StockNutra by your side as your Private Label Supplement Supplier you will be able to seize control of the growing supplement market.  The beauty of is that  adding these products to your line is as easy as ordering anything else online. Make sure that you sign up and become a member of StockNutra to gain access to all of the wonderful features we offer like our industry low 750 minimum order quantity and our price match guarantee.  Don’t hesitate to ask us for a sample of one of our stock products.  If you have any questions on what services StockNutra can provide, please reach out by calling (844)-606-8872!

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