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White Label Supplements: Opportunities In Herbal Increasing

While some are loyal to their national brands for almost everything, others are picking a new path, especially when it comes to the supplements they take.

Specific store brands of white label supplements are gaining popularity with consumers, and businesses that choose to distribute these supplements have some important decisions to make on who they choose as a manufacturer for their own personal brand of supplements in order to assure quality and consistency in their products that will specifically keep their customers coming back to them when they need more, or are considering trying a new supplement or blend.

At StockNutra, we aim to help build customer loyalty, by offering quality and consistent health and wellness supplements to businesses around the world. Whether a single supplement is needed, or a specialized blend, our dedication helps us stand out from our competitors, and can help distributing businesses to do the same.

Consumers’ Torn Relationship With Brands and Why White Label Supplements are Important

One of the biggest ways many people attempt to save money on anything is by using store brands. During the last “great recession” many grocery shoppers put shopping for their favorite brands on hold while they waited for their lives to become more stable. One marketing report from the Private Label Manufacturers Association indicates that when 800 grocery shoppers were polled the majority planned to purchase more private label brands in order to save money.

But private labels aren’t just generics anymore. Store brands develop their own reputation for quality and affordability just like the big well-known national brands. That means as a retailer, if you are to present a store brand to a customer, it is important to be mindful of the manufacturing process in order to assure that your customers are getting a quality and consistent product every time they purchase your brand. This is especially true when you are are supplier of white label supplements that directly effect how people feel in their every day lives. At StockNutra we strive to make sure that each of our customers can provide the supplements of their choice to their own consumers.

Why StockNutra is a Good Choice For White Label Supplements

There are many different types of businesses that can benefit by developing their own brand of supplements, or strengthening their existing brand with StockNutra. These include

  • Health club or gym owners,
  • Private physicians, Entrepreneurs getting into the supplement business,
  • Existing businesses with an health and wellness brand looking for a alternative manufacturer

In most cases when a brand is being developed by a manufacturer there is often a large disconnect between the types of ingredients included in the white label supplement and what is ordered. This is because many businesses use brokers when they order the manufacture of supplements, which can potentially wind up working a little too much like the old “telephone” game. Here’s what typically happens when supplements are ordered through a broker rather that through a manufacturer directly.

  • You order supplement from  broker
  • The broker purchases an order from a lab
  • The broker tries to convey supplement requirements to the lab, which may be less than accurate
  • The broker adds on a surcharge of up to 40% for your supplement
  • You are forced to pass these excess costs on to customer

By working with StockNutra the process is more direct because you ae ordering your  supplements directly from us — so there is no middleman to potentially muck up the order on inflate the price.

Common Supplements Manufactured as White Label

Over the past several years there has been a good deal of research on how dietary supplements can enhance a person’s overall health and wellness, whether the supplements are taken as an alternative to traditional medications, or along side them for added benefit. According to research conducted by the University of Minnesota some of the top selling botanical supplements in the U.S., as of 2011 included

  • Cranberry – an antioxidant supplement often used to treat urinary tract infections
  • Saw Palmetto – helpful for some prostrate issues
  • Soy – may be helpful for menopausal symptoms or cholesterol control
  • Garlic – for possible cholesterol  and triglyceride control
  • Gingko – improved memory and cognition in ederly persons
  • Echinacea – Treatment of colds, flu, and respiratiry infection
  • Milk Thistle – protection for the liver
  • Black cohosh = treatment of menopausal symptoms, especially hot flashes
  • St. John’s Wort – depression treatment and possible smoking cessation
  • Ginseng – Increased energy, physical and mental performance, immune system support and possible treatment for erectile dysfunction

While this list is already extensive, it only partially represents the potential od the while label supplement market. One marketing firm’s research has  predicted that the value of the herbal supplement market will grow to nearly $87 billion by the year 2022 — an increase of nearly 7% from 2017. Much of this expected increase is fuelled by a strong desire by the general public to take care of their own preventative health needs in order to offset rising health care costs.

If you need a supplement product manufactured from scratch, from the source StockNutra is the answer. We take pride in not only offering the most top quality manufacturing services for supplement products, but also our customer support and sales team to get our clients through this complex job of creating their product. You work hard to build brand loyalty with your customers for with all your health related services. Keep your credibility consistent with quality supplements manufactured by StockNutra!



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