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Why Elderberry is an Optimal Ingredient for Supplements

Elderberry has been used to satisfy the taste buds and for its medicinal properties for centuries. The use of the plant has been traced to the Egyptian times while it became prevalent in medicine from the time of the Greek “father of medicine” Hippocrates.

Why Elderberry?

Elderberry can relieve many common diseases and boost the immune system to keep you healthy. Its beneficial properties have made it a popular choice for making custom supplements, which are highly in demand with the elderberry industry recording strong growth in past few years.

59% organizations in the elderberry industry believe that the market will encounter strong growth in the future after it is becoming a popular supplement ingredient.

Today we will explore why adding elderberry to your supplement formula is a sure way to boost your sales. After all, people are always conscious about their health and choose products which make them stay fit and healthy to enjoy life!

Where Does Elderberry Come From?

Elderberry comes from the honeysuckle family. The deciduous shrub has sharply pointed leaves, tough wood and is covered by thin bark. The fruits of the plants are processed to be added to supplements and can be in different forms.

The fruits ripen during the summer months and are collected by various farms. Elderberry can be found in North Africa, central Europe, Great Britain and Scandinavia. It is commercially produced in many parts of the world including Italy, Denmark, Austria, Europe and Germany and few parts of the USA like Oregon.

It is dangerous to consume raw elderberry fruits and other plants of the plant like bark, leaves, and seeds because they contain a toxic element.

Health Benefits Of Elderberry

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Now let’s see what makes elderberry such a highly sought ingredient for custom supplements.

Relief From Cold And Flu

The berries contain a chemical compound called anthocyanidin with immuno-stimulant properties which strengthens the immunity system. You can use it to get relief from headaches, fevers, coughs, colds, sore throats, body aches and fatigue.

A study carried out in 2016 showed that consumption of elderberry supplement reduced the symptoms and duration of the cold in airplane travelers. The flavonoids in elderberry have also been proved to be effective against influenza symptoms in a clinical trial in 2009. The extracts of the plant are also effective against the H5N1 avian influenza virus and H1N1 swine flu.

Research has even found elderberry to reduce the period of flu symptoms by four days on an average.

Prevents Cardiovascular Diseases

Elderberry comes with a substance known as anthocyanins which hampers the deposition of the LDL cholesterol on the walls of blood vessels reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

One of the common causes of heart attacks is oxidation of the cholesterol called LDL by the liver.

Cures Sinus and Bronchitis

Elderberry is a solid anti-viral agent which contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. It can prove beneficial in the natural treatment of sinus infection which makes the nasal passages inflamed.

A study conducted by University Hospital in Zurich’s Institute of Complementary Medicine tested the effectiveness of a formula containing extracts of elderberry flowers. The researchers gave the formulation to bacterial sinusitis patients in combination with a decongestant and antibiotic.

The clinical evidence showed that the formulation was able to reduce the acute signs and symptoms of sinusitis.

In fact, elderberry extracts can even be used to cure bronchitis and other forms of respiratory infections.

Rich In Antioxidants

We don’t need any more proof for the multiple health benefits that antioxidants bring. Elderberry is rich in antioxidants which protects the cells of your body from the harmful free radicals.

It also helps in preventing many forms of diseases, boosts your immunity system, improves various bodily functions while enabling you to overcome mood disorders and memory problems.

Including elderberry as in ingredient in your custom supplement is a great way to add a potent source of antioxidants.

Normalizes Blood Sugar Levels

Your body maintains its normal blood sugar levels through a process called glycogenesis in which the excess sugar transports from your bloodstream to your liver and muscles.

The Journal of Nutrition carried out a study which examined the roles of insulin based properties of elderberry. It found that the extract was able to facilitate the oxidation and transport of glucose which enhanced glycogenesis without any need of insulin.

The elderberry flower extracts have been shown in studies to bring down blood sugar by increasing the metabolism of glucose and naturally stimulating secretion of insulin.

Provides Comfort From Bloating And Edema

Fluid retention, water retention, edema- all are same names for the phenomenon when excess fluids accumulate inside your body.

The fluid can store within cavities and tissues and the circulatory system causing swelling of different body parts like ankles, legs, hand, and feet.

Elderberry is a natural diuretic which encourages urination. Studies have shown that elderberry supplementation can promote urine production to relieve patients and older adults from fluid retention.

Relief From Constipation

Though it will need more research to isolate the effects of elderberry as a natural laxative, it has been shown to have beneficial effects in combination with other ingredients.

A randomized clinical trial was conducted by researchers to evaluate the effects of a common compound used to treat chronic constipation in Brazil. The compound is found in elderberry and proved beneficial as a natural laxative providing constipation relief.

So it can be seen that elderberry promotes both urination and bowel movement while enhancing liver functions.

Get Rid Of Allergies

The anti-inflammatory and immunity boosting properties of elderberry make it ideal for treating allergies naturally. It can give you immense relive and prevent allergies as a standalone product or in combination with other herbs.

Promotes Healthy Skin

You don’t need expensive cosmetics to make your skin look great. It turns out that the compound responsible for elderberry’s color provides a natural boost to your skin.

The results came out in research undertaken by the Institute of Food Research and the University of East Anglia.

The antioxidants, vitamin A, and bioflavonoids in elderberry can also give you that glowing skin you always desired. You can even find elderberry extracts in popular cosmetic and beauty products for the same reason!

Potential For Prevention Of Cancer

Some studies have been carried out to test the anti-cancer properties of elderberry. Many berries have antioxidants and contain anthocyanins which have anti-carcinogenic properties.

Some studies also indicate elderberry to have chemopreventive characteristics which halt the growth of cancer just like chemotherapy.


Elderberry has shown great potential as an anticancer agent, but more research is needed in the field.

Elderberry can be safely and affordably added to any supplement formulation to increase its effectiveness.

The consumer is also more aware and demands high-quality ingredients like elderberry with proven health benefits in their supplements.

StockNutra is offering Elderberry gummy vitamins that can be added into you’re the supplements offered by your brand to boost their sales and demand. Your customers will always love your product as it keeps them in the pink of their health earning you high reputation and trust in the market.

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