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Why Fish Oil Reigns Supreme For Endurance Athlete Supplements

The relationship between fish oil and sports performance is a direct one, and supplement distributors are enhancing todays athletes with competitive advantages with easy-to-acquire products. As a supplement provider, you might want to consider including fish oil to cater to your fitness-loving crowd. It’s rather easy to add a fish oil supplement to your line through private labeling and, in doing so, you can enhance your line’s comprehensive offers while benefiting the sports community.

Fish Oil Products as Preferred Endurance Athlete Supplements

A slew of studies support fish oil’s benefits on the human body. Firstly, fish oil aids in cardiovascular support by reducing blood pressure via plasma triglyceride reduction. Fish oil supplements contain omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids—formally called n-3 FA—and can assist athletes as they adopt new exercise training techniques.

In fact, studies suggest that fish oil supplementation can enhance performance directly, regulating the individual’s pulmonary functions and enhancing their lipid composition. Meanwhile, it reduces inflammation while increasing one’s immunity. A study published in the International Journal of Sport’s Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism recorded the effects of n-3 FA on both physical and respiratory functions of competitive soccer players across a four-week period. After examining sprint speed, leg strength, anaerobic endurance and explosive power, the study found that each area improved slightly after prolonged consumption. 

How Does Fish Oil Affect the Body?

Upon taking fish oil, an athlete’s lipid profiles changes. An enhanced lipid profile offers numerous benefits, such as boosting hair and skin health. Meanwhile, a fish oil supplement’s omega-3 fatty acid profile can increase muscle growth, increase physical performance and increase overall strength. By reducing any exercise-induced damages, fish oil supplements can combat muscle soreness onset. It also combats various negative immune system effects commonly experienced by intensive training while strengthening the individual’s bones. NutraSea reports improved lung functionality, improved heart functionality and even improved cognitive functioning.

endurance supplements fish oil

As a result, fish oil is among one of the top endurance supplements for athletes. Because it increases protein synthesis while also enhancing an athlete’s cardiovascular capabilities, fish oil stands out as one of the cheapest, healthiest, options for ongoing cardiovascular health. Of course, it’s important to balance nutritional building blocks and exercise. Fish oils may improve exercise’s anabolic effects, however, making it a fundamental “glue” of ongoing endurance health and achievement. Some, indeed, hypothesize that that omega-3 fatty acids, when combined with different anabolic stimuli, can improve overall lean body mass quality and function.

Taking Fish Oil For Endurance 

Athletes normally take fish oil supplements right before eating their meals. Normally, a meal buffers the smell of fish oil while increasing the supplement’s absorption rate. Fish oil is a natural blood thinner, and it might affect the body’s blood clotting ability. Regardless, it’s still an excellent pre-workout nutrient due to its great endurance benefits. Athletes regularly take about two grams of fish oil per day, as recommended by, and regularly space their dosages out between their three largest meals. Normally, two capsules are taken with a singular meal.

Supplement Lines and Fish Oil Supplements

Almost every sport nutrition and supplement line features a fish oil product. Because fish oil excels within the world of endurance supplements for athletes, it’s a near must-have purchasing option for many. As a supplement provider, it’s imperative you give customers the ability to diversify their fitness supplementation with fish oil. Because its production cost is incredibly low, fish oil can easily be added to any private label with little effort.

StockNutra’sPrivate Label Fish Oil contains all of the essential omega-3 fatty acids needed to enhance your customer’s cardiovascular efficiency. Endurance supplements for athletes can be pricey, and a lot of them include unhealthy—or even dangerous—ingredients which can actually harm an athlete’s long-term capabilities.

Long-Lasting Solutions and Customization

Understandably, a fish oil supplement is only as good as its use to consumers. It’s possible to brand your private label fish oil supplement as a sports product—simultaneously benefiting the consumer’s cardiovascular health while assisting their general health needs. Men’s Fitness has covered fish oil’s benefits extensively, recording the benefits of eicosapentaenoic acid, docosahexaenoic acid and alpha-linolenic acid. Each long-chain fatty acid, found in fish oil supplements, can speed up exercise recovery while making the individual stronger.


Of course, the other benefits of fish oil can’t be forgotten. Because StockNutra’s Private Label Fish Oil offers custom bottling and labeling options, you can test-run your fish oil line with a 750-bottle order. StockNutra’s Private Label Fish Oil supplements are can offer comprehensive endurance support while also assisting general health needs. As a fitness supplement provider, it’s your responsibility to keep your customers—and your brand’s athletes—up and running at all times. Give your market a leg up, and take charge by implementing a fish oil supplement in your line!

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